Let's Go Mobile! Cobham employees earn $25 just for registering by March 31st!

Cobham has partnered with Mobile Health Consumer Inc. to make it easy for your employees and their family members to access important Protecting Your Health information and programs.

What is Mobile Health Consumer?

It is a mobile application and solution that will allow employees and their spouse/DP to easily access and view:

  • Healthy Reward opportunities and earning status
  • Medical deductible and plan summary
  • Real-time HSA balance
  • Electronic copy of medical ID card
  • Receive targeted communications

The MHC app will keep you updated on your incentive opportunities and other important information through MHC.

Register today by downloading MHC at the App Store or click on the “Let’s Go Mobile” button on the home page of the Cobham Benefits portal to get started now! For more information, click here!

Please Note: The $25 reward for registering on Mobile Health Consumer is available to medically enrolled Cobham employees only. Spouses and domestic partners enrolled in your medical coverage can also download the MHC app, however they will not be eligible for the $25 incentive.

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